Plates and Bowls

“My “patch bowls” reveal a variety of organics and as well as stone and bark impressions. You even might discover a snail or worm. They remind me of digging into the layers of the earth to see all the life beneath the surface.”


 “I love how the glazes reflect the rich organic colors in Nature. They make me feel I am deep in the woods and at peace.”


Wall Art

“Look carefully in the leaves and fronds and you may see an insect bite, a bent blade or irregular shape. That is the beauty of Nature and its relationship with other living things. “Perfect” is for stamps.”


Vases and Planters

“All of my pieces are hand-built, thus the slightly off-shape and flowing forms that may result.   I have always felt that symmetry is over-rated: it’s all about balance, in Nature and in life.”


Landscape Series

 “Living in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, I love watching the colors change in the mountains.  In my “Landscape Series” plates, I hope to capture the ephemeral shades of  light playing on the sky, mountainsides and valleys while retaining a small sample of the lovely evergreens that reside here.”

  “Most of the pendants are matched with Jasper and I am amazed to discover how the colors in these stones so closely complement the glazes.The copper spiral symbol reflects a universal form in Nature and my favorite shape.”

Other Projects

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