About Martha

Martha lives with her husband on “Breezy Ridge Farm” just east of Monroe, WA in the foothills of the Cascades. Retired from her work in healthcare and with her two sons grown, they share their farm with six chickens, five sheep, four alpacas, three llamas, two goats, two dogs, one cat, plus a pond of seven turtles and a bunch of fish. Martha became a Master Gardener just after retirement and is an active volunteer in the community.

Along with gardening, pottery is her passion. “ I love the combination of plants and clay, creating a piece with enduring beauty and elegance.”

Martha builds most of her projects in her studio attached to the barn where she can easily harvest plants and complete the first firing in her kiln. She completes her projects at Bruning Pottery and studio in Snohomish WA where she chooses from their many glazes and finishing off in their  high fire Cone 10 gas kiln.

“The ambiance of working with other artists makes the process all the more enjoyable.”

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